In collaboration with the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden, the schork~munsell is bringing Key West ArtGarden to the botanical garden on stock island that should recall the good old days of art-in-the-park. If you’re not already botanical garden supporters, this will be a great opportunity to come out, enjoy this beautiful community asset, and play among the sculptures.

Commencing with the opening of the show, and continuing through memorial day (30th May), the schork~munsell studios will be soliciting visiting painters and photographers to reinterpret the artwork in the garden in their own medium. First, second, and third prizes will be awarded, and we will hang the twenty best submissions (we hope in the gallery at the tropic cinema). Please call for details, and look for the competition application form in our program, which will be available at the visitor center in the botanical garden.

In gratitude for the enormous opportunity the key west botanical garden society has given us to develop this community art asset in their garden, a portion of all proceeds will directly benefit the garden. We would also like to encourage you to become members if you haven’t already: the single membership is only $35/year, and the family membership is only $50.

Jonathan Schork may be contacted at 305-304-3018.