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Markus Baenziger
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Clyde Butcher
Richard Cook
Tim Marshall Curtis
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John Martini
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Orvelo Wood

Art pieces for sale direct from the artist as listed
PUR = Price Upon Request


Artist                                                             Media                                    Map Location #                                                                                                                                                      $

Dr. Perry Arnold                                                                                                            #11


(410) 458-6294

*Tom Majors Wood Art Invitational*

Olive’s Spirit                                 Wood                                                 Not for sale

Wood in both its raw and finished form has always fascinated Perry Arnold. Through accentuation of its sensuous curves, interesting voids, undulating grain, and intrinsic warmth, he allows the true spirit of the tree to present itself and evoke a personal emotional response in those viewing and touching each piece. As a retired physician radiologist by profession, he is a self-trained abstract wood sculptor with several created works offering him a wonderful journey. The natural grain of wood holds an endless fascination for him creating a search for a source of ‘new life’ for the wood to unlock it from its original form to transform it into its new life. This piece was created from the damaged and uprooted Champion and Legacy 80+ year old Black Olive Tree as a part of the Studios of Key West Tom Majors Wood Art Invitational.


Markus Baenziger                                                                              #16


Sculpture Key West 2010

View 2010                                     Bronze                                              Not for sale

Beginning with the concept of a tree, Markus has branched out, merging the man made with the natural environment, creating a shared habitat where opposites converge into a new visual vocabulary. View was created for Sculpture Key West, produced by the artist at Haverford College and displayed at the Key West Botanical Garden in 2010. Markus was born in Switzerland and completed his studies with an MFA in Sculpture at the Yale University School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut. He is currently Associate Professor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania.


John Boone – Sculpture Key West 2010                                                                 # 9


Compass Two 2010                      Granite                                              Not for sale

Since focusing on studies at Pratt, NYU and Parsons School of Design in New York City, John has panned out into all areas of the arts where words, in various simple and common manifestations, have been the main ingredient.


Clyde Butcher Inside Nature Chapel by Appointment Only                                          #25


(941) 486-0811

Key West Tropical Forest 2019   Photography on Canvas    Not for sale

Clyde Butcher is an American large format camera photographer known for wilderness photography of the Florida landscape. Butcher is a strong advocate of conservation efforts and uses his work to promote awareness of the beauty of natural places.


Richard Cook                                                                                                                  #29


(970) 375-7825 – Freenotes Harmony Park

Concert Corner              Music instruments from recycled materials Not for sale

Grammy Award-Winning musician Richard Cooke creates these innovatively designed instruments that are durable, sustainable, and perfectly tuned sound sculptures and have “No Wrong Notes” allowing anyone to become an “instant expert” in making music to nurture and nourish each person’s innate and unique creative expression.


Tim Marshall Curtis                                                                            # 3


(305) 923-4630

Manta                                            Aluminum                                         $25,000

After escaping the international art scene of the mid 90’s and fleeing south from Chicago, a young Tim Marshall Curtis commandeered his own boat and sailed it to Key West where he lived aboard and basked in the sunshine of anonymity. Even after he had caught and consumed so many fish that he lost his appetite for it; and even after he had witnessed so many glorious sunsets that they were no longer anticipated daily, it never occurred to him that it would be a good idea to get back into the fray of the big-time art scene. Once in a while he would feel a nudge whenever he was reminded of his graduation from the Art Institute of Chicago. Sometimes he would feel a tug whenever one of his peers had made the news and were having wildly successful careers. For the most part he was quite content living a quiet life in Key West. He married a Conch, Marlesa Whitney, in 2001 and five years later a second-generation Conch, Trinity Curtis, was born into this world. Fast forward to 2022 and there is a whole new body of work to exhibit. New metal sculptures, music, and even an art book is in the works.


Bob D’Antonio                                                                                    # 9


(305) 304-0724

Picture This                                  Recycled Bamboo                          $ PUR

Bob d’Antonio came to the Keys in 1972 and never left. First as a commercial diver and part time musician morphed into a creative spirit within steel sculptures. Over the last 20 years, Bob and his wife Susann have created 3-D fabric covered steel costumes for Fantasy Fest that won numerous awards. He and Susann also own a custom frame shop: Framing in Paradise, located in Artists in Paradise Gallery on Big Pine Key, FL.


Susann D’Antonio                                                                    #8,17, &18


(305) 304-6005

Picture This                                  Recycled Bamboo                      $ PUR

PEACE                                          Mixed Media                               $ PUR

A-MAZE                                         Mixed Media                                        $ PUR

Susann d’Antonio is a mixed media artist focusing on using reclaimed items that have interesting designs and reinventing them from their original purpose. She has a B.A. in Fine Art, serves on the Board of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and is Chair of the Monroe County Art in Public Places Board. Her work is shown at Frangipani Gallery and the Key West Art Center in Key West and Artists in Paradise on Big Pine Key.


Ben Gatski                                                                                  #25 & 26


(305) 296-1501

Big Garden Bird                           Reclaimed metal                     $PUR

Little Handy Man                          Reclaimed metal                     $PUR

Ben (welder and artist) and Kate (designer and entrepreneur) Gatski are self-taught artists from rural Bloomsburg PA who love using simple tools to make handmade, authentic pieces of art. They handcraft sculpture and furniture with reclaimed materials (weathered steel and barn wood) and established Gatski Metal in 2003. ‘We see beauty and inspiration in our surrounding landscape, our rural lifestyle, and the reclaimed. And we want to share that with you.They often create pieces based on what we see (or can imagine) before us using raw material comes from scrap yards and other assorted junk piles.


Lois Giffen – PAST HONOREE                                                   #22 & 24


(305) 296-1501

Springtime                                    Various reclaimed materials   $PUR

Dragon Family                              Various reclaimed materials and paint      $PUR

Lois Giffen came to the Florida Keys in 1988, following nearly thirty years spent overseas. She had been a plein aire painter for forty years before turning to sculpture and has always been inspired by the light and movement of the natural world. She was happiest working in welded steel, which allowed her to fuse her love of color with three-dimensional form. Her works express balance, serenity, playfulness, and joy. She believed that inspiration is never so pure as when it springs from the creative child within us: “The whole purpose of artistic mastery is to allow that child to play”.


John Martini                                                                                       #12


(305) 296-6613

Untitled                                         Steel Sculpture                                $PUR

John Martini lives and works in Key West, Florida and Veuxhaulles-Sur-Aube, France. His sculptures are shown internationally in galleries and museums including Lucky Street Gallery in Key West, Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta, GA, the Shidoni Annual in New Mexico, Galerie Antoine Laurentin in Paris, France and Galleria Santamarta in Milan, Italy. His works are extensively represented in private and public collections including the large installation, “Head2Head,” at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.


Lauren McAloon                                                                                                           # 7


(305) 294-5339

Vessel Series: Fault Line     ceramic, steel, copper, brass, waxed thread         $PUR

Lauren McAloon has called Key West home for nearly 30 years. A staff member at The Studios of Key West and studio artist at Artists in the Armory she is recognized widely for her sculptural work inspired by vessel shapes and site-informed installations.





James (Jim) Racchi                                                                                                    # 4


(305) 923 – 0175

Couple                                          Welded Steel                         $1,600

Jim Racchi is the creator of Sculpture Key West, an outdoor sculpture exhibition at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park and other island garden venues, which feature his own large-scale pieces as well as those of artists from around the world. The successful exhibition in 1995 has become an annual international event lasting six weeks and providing outdoor and site-specific works to an enthusiastic Key West audience of visitors and locals alike. “The thing I like about sculpture is that it can be viewed from all sides and that it can be tactile and bring in another sense…that of touch; I am most enthused about figure studies, and my work is more emotional than cerebral but has (or I would like it to have) an unexpected depth. As a former park ranger, I find inspiration in nature: the horizon of the ocean, tropical birds and animals, people, the movement of waters and its open space. Central to my work is a balance and order that underlies the outline. Central to my work is balance and order.


The Oropeza Family                                                                                                    # 6


(305) 394-1394

Buoy Man                            Salvaged/Repurposed Materials     $PUR

Original entry from the Scarecrows in the Forest Art Exhibit, this entry is a family designed and constructed sculpture depicting life about the Keys. The natural and recycled materials used to construct Buoy Man were once growing in or floating around the waters of Key West. Recycled and upcycled, Buoy Man was made with local buoys, a crab trap, all-weather “crabbing” gear, palm fronds, and seashells. His smile was achieved with fruit of a mahogany tree, and his hair was crafted from frayed rope. Buoy Man was imagined and created by three generations of the Oropeza family in Key West.


Jackie Sanchez – KWAG Committee Chair*                                           #1,9,10,& 15


(305) 393-3430

Interweaving               Interwoven rods of steel & welded steel         $1,000

Grasp: Handles to Hold Onto        Welded Steel                         $1,000

Sprout                                           Welded Steel                         $   900

Blooming                                      Welded Steel                         $1,000

Jackie Sanchez has been an artist most of her life. Art teacher from 1964 to 1992 when she retired. She took a welding course at the Florida Keys Community College that led to several semesters of specialized welding doing sculptures where she continued by creating a back yard welding studio. Jackie works with found, reclaimed objects, many being parts of machinery and also new, clean steel, sheet, rod, pipe, square tubing and flat bar, sometimes combining found materials with clean steel and sometimes ‘roughing up’ he clean steel by cutting with a torch without grinding and forming sculptures which tend to resemble plant forms. While not trying to duplicate in steel any “real” plants but simply letting the steel ‘grow’ into a sculptural form which could remind on of plants, trees, bushes, and the like.


Sandy Sun                                                                                                            #19 & 20


(305) 393-9417

Fish out of Water                 Hand sculpted clay, glazes, concrete     $ 395

Off the Hook                        Hand sculpted clay, glazes, concrete     $ 200

Sandy Sun is a ceramic artist in Key West, Florida who hand-sculpts unique pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the Florida Keys. She is continually inspired by the beautiful island surroundings, and her work reflects the organic, natural forms of leaves, flowers, and ocean life. Many of her works reflect both the asymmetry and the order found in nature. “Land & Sea” was made possible by a grant from the Anne McKee Artist Foundation.


Denise Tucker                                                                                                            # 5


(954) 849-2486

Tree Hugger              Recycled Hubcap, wire recycled accessories, outdoor paint & recycled garden gloves                       $ 850

It is such a privilege to have declared myself an artist after so many years of using my creativity in business ventures. My creative spirit is generous and has been on overdrive. Joyfully, I make art every day! Blessed with a cornucopia of ideas in my curly redhead, I have emerged as a mixed medium artist! Anything is possible as I sketch on paper, paint on canvas, create with recycled objects and discuss my worldview with my unique characters. A quirky, outspoken, unstoppable risk taker, I am Tucker. Welcome to my world!


Gale Upmal                                                                                     #13


(305) 395-0835

Key West Totems                2’ & 3’ tall, recycled wood & paint. All have a Key West interest point (*stands not included)    $ 150* ea.

                                                                                                                                        $ 450* set

Gale Upmal has been painting, teaching, and living with a paint brush in her hand for many years. She has won numerous awards for her art. She has been creating batiks on rice paper and now has starting experiment with batik on silk. Enjoying and perfecting this art is fun and challenging. She is the Gallery Director of Artists in Paradise Gallery in Big Pine Key FL, and President of the Lower Keys Artists Network. a member of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, The Studios of Key West, and the Key West Art Center. Gale also enjoys painting on glassware and wood with a one stroke technique and loves to experiment in all kinds of mediums. She also creates scrabble and domino tile jewelry by reducing her original artwork to fit the tiles. She enjoys living in the beautiful Florida Keys and Sharing her life with the beauty that surrounds her and her umbrella cockatoo “Dusty.”


Orvelo Wood                                                                                      # 2


(305) 296-1501

Garden Goat                                 Recycled welded iron                $PUR

Well known around Key West for his mostly whimsical sculpture, Orvelo Wood’s forte was creating welded iron sculptures from discarded scraps of metal. The result was usually an animal or bird, and often whimsical; humor played an important part in his creative process. Among his favorite subjects were animals that he had loved and had raised, such as horses and goats.