Let’s Have Some FUN!

During the 2020 “stay at home” months of the coronavirus, our education team put together great, hands-on activities and online StoryTimes. Even though the Garden is open again — and we’ve introduced our #KWVirtualGarden program — you can still enjoy this archive of terrific educational and fun projects!

Click on an image to download the PDF and get started on a fun day!


What do butterflies eat?

Make your own butterfly feeder. Craft project

Plant Parts

Become a backyard scientist

Discover and record the biodiversity around you


Seagrape Postcard

Use seagrape leaves to send a note!

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Find your local habitat

Where do you live in the Keys ecosystem?


Flower dissection

Look closely at the flower parts!

Mangrove Animals

What lives in our mangroves? Craft project (K)


Do you need a lawnmower? (K-2 activity)

Scavenger Hunt

Do you know what plants are in your house?

Parts of Plants

Let’s check the parts of a living plant!


Plants and animals! Oh my!

Composting at Home

Turn leftovers into dirt for your plants

Make two from one

How to propagate a plant


Feed butterflies

Make a butterfly-friendly feeder



Is it a plant? An animal?

Nature Prints

Nature Prints

Make a print from nature


Weave it together

Use plants and flowers for art

Story Time!

Story Time misses our weekly reading times with the children who joined us in the Garden. So, we are creating new videos with great books, projects and fun things to do. Just click on the big buttons below and let’s have some fun! PS: Check back often as we add new videos regularly.

Visit us online. Choose a Story Time video below

Mommy and Baby

Help babies find their mothers

Bonus Project 1: Click here for materials

Toss the dice

Can you stomp like an …….

Bonus Project 1: Click here for materials

Waiting for Wings

How does a butterfly grow?

A Barn in the Country

What animals live on a farm?

Bonus Project 1: Click here for materials

Bonus Project 2: Click here for materials

Busy Boats

Do YOU live on a boat?

Our Monarch Flies!

Check out our live butterfly!

Praying hands icon

The Foolish Tortise

How do animals stay safe?

Bonus Project: Click here for materials

Gray Palm Tree

Garden Exploring

Can you find friends?

Meet Nicole and Kelcie

Nicole Lam, education manager

Nicole Lam joined the Botanical Garden Education team in 2020 as the Education Manager shortly after moving to Key West.

Her interest in education began at a young age through teaching Sunday school, swim lessons, tutoring, and art. She has taught students of every age as well as different abilities.

Nicole has a degree in psychology and childhood studies, which has given her the opportunity to combine her passions of helping others and working with children.

As the Education manager, Nicole is looking forward to working outdoors using the beautiful garden as a Living Laboratory to encourage and educate children in fun, creative, and interactive ways.

Kelcie Hall, education assistant

Kelcie Hall joined the education team as an education assistant in 2019. She hails from Warrenton, Virginia, and went to school at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to study Biology and minor in Environmental Science.

Her experience in education began with coaching gymnastics (after competing as a gymnast for 6 years!) and volunteering at the Fort Fisher Aquarium in the Education department.

Kelcie moved to Key West during September 2018 to intern at Reef Relief, and then Mote Marine Lab starting in January 2019. Kelcie loves to scuba dive, snorkel, run and practice yoga!

As education assistant, she helps to create and teach fun and thought-provoking activities for students of all ages.


Nicole Lam