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First, you’ll register so we know who is in the class — and to protect your privacy. Registration will connect you to our Google Classroom. That’s where you’ll find great videos, interactive projects, lessons, StoryTime and other interesting information about the wonderful ecosystem in the Garden and throughout the Keys. Our education program is free to our students and the adults in their lives.

Google Classroom | We use Google Classroom as our digital platform because it is secure, accessible, easy to use — and it is the software of choice for the Monroe County School district. Our students are familiar with it and that’s a good thing.

(You will need a Google account in order to register. If you don’t have one, click the button for directions to set up your account.)

How to register:

  • Click on the button to connect to Google Classroom
  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Enter this #KWVirtualGarden access code: 7sks56p
  • Follow the prompts to join us in the virtual garden

You may register and join the classes at any time

About the program

The Key West Botanical Garden’s #KWVirtualGarden education program is a virtual summer camp that started June 15. This camp is designed for grade school students to participate in fun and educational activities for eight weeks during the summer.

Each part of the series will be accessible at any time after the segment publishes.

The program is FREE for any child that would like to participate and is not limited to Monroe County.

Students can discover what makes the Florida Keys environment unique through virtual discovery and exploration interactive activities in math, science experiments, story time and arts and crafts.

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Questions? Drop us an email in the form below. We’ll get back to you with answers.

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