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What is Scarecrows in the Garden: Scarecrows in the Garden is an opportunity for the community to participate in creating fun art projects throughout the Garden.

The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden kicks off its 2nd annual Scarecrows in the Garden event with a call to individuals, organizations and businesses to create their own scarecrows for display in the garden. Cash prizes will be awarded in each of three categories: amateurs, creative professionals and businesses. Best in Show will be chosen by garden visitors.

Scarecrow creators are encouraged to use natural and recycled materials. Individuals, school groups and not-for-profit organizations are also encouraged to participate. Deadline for submitting an application is Sept. 30. Displays will be installed in the garden and open to the public September-November.

As a feature of this year’s event, the garden will create a select group of up to 15 local students and work with them to create a featured scarecrow exhibit. Student may participate in this Art in the Garden project or as amateur individuals. Contact Misha McRAE, executive director, for additional details or follow this link. There is a small fee to participate in this project to help offset supplies; there is no fee for students to participate as amateur individuals.

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Read the rules

Start here to review the rules and guidelines for your scarecrow. Includes your frequently asked questions. Call (305) 296-1504 for more information.

Complete your registration

Who should use this form: Businesses; creative professionals; not-for-profits, school groups, individual amateurs (adults and children).

Pay registration fee

Pay your fee after submitting the registration form. Businesses: $50. Creative professionals: $25. Amateurs, schools, not-for-profits do not pay a fee.

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